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poloha Brna na mapě Evropy

Brno - basic information test

Number of inhabitants: 376, 000,  Currency: Czech crown (CZK),  Language: Czech

Geography, climate

Brno is situated in the central part of Europe, in the Czech Republic. Brno is an administrative and cultural centre of the South Moravian Region and the second largest city of the Czech Republic (Prague is the first one). Brno lies in a basin of the Svratka and Svitava rivers which is surrounded by forested hills from three sides.

Climatic conditions are pleasant for recreation and living as well. The territory of Brno has a good natural circulation of air which ensures very high air quality. The average summer temperatures are about +18, 2°C. The average winter temperatures are about: -0, 6°C.


Brno’s dialect is called Hantec. It is a unique mixture of the Czech, German and Yiddish language. Hantec usages can be traced back to the Second World War period. Not many of inhabitants of Brno have a good grasp of this dialect. A wide range of words and expressions have become a part of everyday language spoken in Brno, which can confuse not only foreigners but also Czechs from the other parts of the Czech Republic. Fro example: šalina (a tram, "tramvaj" in the Czech language), prygl (= a dam in Brno), love (money, "penize" in the Czech language).


If you have problems you can ask for help in one of two tourist information centres, both of which are located in the centre of the city, either in the Radnická Street, or in the Nádražní Street.

Letiště a hlavní vlakové nádraží

How to get to Brno

By train

Brno is an important rail junction situated on the Balkan – Budapest- Prague – Berlin – Scandinavia rail route. All Eurocity trains stop in Brno. The distance from Prague to Brno is 256 kilometres, from Vienna 155 kilometres, from Bratislava 132 kilometres, from Berlin 566 kilometres and from Wroclaw 312 kilometres. The Central railway station is located in the centre of Brno, a few minutes walk from the historic centre. You can search for rail connections at the following address:

Flight to Brno

Brno has its own international Airport Brno-Tuřany, which is regularly served by flights from London (Stansed), Barcelona (Gerona) and Moscow (Vnukovo). A domestic flight offers connection with Prague. To get to the Brno’s Central railway and bus station you can use a bus which departs from the airport every 15 minutes.
For more information visit:

By car

Brno can be reached via the D1 motorway from Prague ( 210 kilometres ) or via the D2 motorway from Bratislava ( 137 kilometres ).

By bus

There are plenty of bus carriers who go to Brno, e.g. Student Agency. Brno has a very good connection with Prague, buses arrive at half an hour intervals. Bus connections can be found at:

How to travel in Brno and the South Moravian Region

There is an Integrated Transport System (IDOS) which operates in Brno and the most part of the South Moravian Region. The system includes buses, trolleybuses and trams. Due to the zone system you can use only one ticket for traveling inside and outside the city as long as you do not travel more than the number of zones you have paid for. Ticket prices begin from €0, 40 per 10 minutes and €0, 60 per 60 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in vending machines, news-stands or from a driver. For more information look at: (South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System) and (Brno Public Transport).